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A new nest

What is Staging?

Staging© is the process of preparing any home for
sale ~ transforming your 'home' to a product

  • Staging© is de-cluttering
  • Staging© is de-personalizing
  • Staging© is re-organizing
  • Staging© is giving your house a 'buyer's eye view'

Using a proven professional set of guidelines, your house is reviewed for compliance with preset standards, and any modifications are made, if necessary. This unique system has proven to help sell homes faster and/or for more money.


  • Staged© homes sold in 7.6 days compared to 30-42 days for non-staged© homes* on the market.
  • Staged© homes sold for 3% to 50% higher than non-staged© homes*on the market.

*Statistics based on 2772 properties - 129 staged© homes

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